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AGA City60...The Flat Owner


Fairytale 1ONCE UPON A TIME there was a girl with one simple wish. With all her heart she longed for an AGA. But try as she might, she couldn’t find one to fit. She had her dream home – a small but perfectly formed flat in a vibrant corner of London, with a coffee shop on the corner and
a colourful food market once a week. She’d even found her dream man. And guess what? He was as taken with the idea of an AGA cooker as she was. He loved to cook Mexican food and wanted nothing more than to spend quiet nights in whipping up batches of quesadillas, washed down with tequila.

Although they lived happily, they yearned for an AGA model small enough to fit beautifully into their compact kitchen. Then, they felt lifewould be perfect. One day, on a trip to Spitalfield market they caught sight of the newly opened AGA shop in Spital Square and went in.

Inside they found something that warmed their hearts and made them realise they could have the cooker of their dreams after all. For there – snug in one corner was a stunning new model that would be the perfect fit. The AGA City60 was made for them and they lived
happily ever after…

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